Over $4,400 Raised for Friendship’s Resident Benevolence Fund during Roanoke Valley Gives

ROANOKE, Va. (March 19, 2020) – Friendship, a local non-profit leader in senior living and rehabilitation, is proud to announce on March 18 during Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia’s Roanoke Valley Gives day, $4,443 was raised from 58 donors for the community’s resident benevolence fund.  This is the first time Friendship Foundation has participated in this annual event.

“We witnessed the true spirit of philanthropy at Friendship yesterday, and it was very encouraging,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Hoff. “Together, members of the Roanoke community, as well as Friendship, came together to bridge the gap between income and expenses for our residents and patients who face financial hardship. This generosity exemplifies Friendship’s mission of supporting friends by providing peace of mind, and we are very appreciative of everyone’s contributions.”

For Friendship Foundation, the message of participating in Roanoke Valley Gives was as critical as the dollars raised.

“By taking part in the Roanoke Valley’s biggest philanthropic event, Friendship Foundation officially started its groundwork in educating the greater community,” said Development Officer Sarah Stephens.  “We are excited to share our new focus on fund development for our organization as we seek to offer more support to deserving seniors who need access to care.”

Friendship was pleased to receive 100-percent participation from the community’s board of directors as well as the leadership team.

“It is incredibly rewarding to see the support of the work Friendship is doing in changing lives for the better, especially during these uncertain times,” said Hoff.  “We are overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of generosity.”

To learn more about Friendship Foundation, giving opportunities or to make a donation online, please visit https://www.friendship.us/foundation.  Stephens may also be reached at 540.265.2122 or sstephens@friendship.us.

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