Friendship Team Members named 2020 Health Heroes by Roanoker Magazine

Congratulations to the following team members for being named a 2020 Health Hero by Roanoker Magazine!

-The Team at Friendship South, nominated by Rob McGee

"During these unusual times, our team has been developing creative ways to support each other and provide peace of mind. Recently, the team at Friendship South took it upon themselves to spread some hope and encouragement to our residents (and each other) by singing in the hallways! They named themselves "Six Feet Apart" and sang "Lean on Me" and "You are My Sunshine!" The video is posted on our Facebook page for all to see.

-Matthew Blankenship, nominated by Rob McGee

"Matthew Blankenship is our Director of Housekeeping & Laundry for our community. Not only is he responsible for seeing to the daily cleaning needs on this campus, but he is also taking care of loved ones at home. As you can imagine, he and his team have been putting in great effort to keep everyone in our community protected health-wise. We appreciate his leadership and his dedication to our community, as well as his family."

-Lori Doss, nominated by Brandon Evans

"Lori is a Friendship Health & Rehab South Housekeeping Supervisor.  Oftentimes when thinking about health heroes, ancillary departments such as housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, etc. are overlooked, but in the case of Lori, that oversight is impossible. Lori devotes her day to ensure the residents, their families and her colleagues are well-cared for. She does so through her general job responsibilities, but she often goes above and beyond to make others feel loved and cared for. Lori has continued to show her love and dedication despite her own health challenges. She has undergone multiple forms of treatment that would be difficult to handle solely by itself; however, Lori has set her personal health challenges aside to make others' lives better. For me personally, she has been an inspiration and exemplifies the qualities of a health hero, putting the needs of those who surround her first, and her personal needs second."

-Stacey Mulkey, nominated by Jennifer Percell

"With the new COVID-19 threat we have been faced with lately, we have seen Stacey Mulkey, the Director of Nursing at Friendship South, in her element. You can see her in ER crisis nurse mode take control. She has been the voice of reason and guidance for many. She has kept the crew united and focused in the building. It's been amazing to witness!"

-Kim Vanover, nominated by Jennifer Percell

"I am recognizing Kim Vanover as a Health Hero for Friendship South. Kim is one of the many bright spots we have at our building. She is a dedicated nurse, and she goes above and beyond every day for her peers and her patients. Kim always has an encouraging word to share and a bright smile on her face, no matter what kind of day she has had.  Kim greets her patients as they come in the door and she makes them feel comfortable upon arrival with her kindred spirit and thoughtful words."

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