Executive Director of Healthcare Services Makes Roanoker Magazine's 40 under 40 Class of 2021

Brandon Evans began his health care career as a nursing assistant at Roanoke Memorial Hospital, later accepting a nursing role at the Virginia Veterans Care Center, where he found his passion for serving the geriatric population. Recently promoted, his responsibilities include overseeing the operations and future endeavors at Salem Terrace at Harrogate, as well as quality services, managing budgets, assisting with marketing and redefining the company culture. He serves as a CNA instructor, has been recognized as a mentor for aspiring MDS Coordinators and serves on multiple boards, including the Breckinridge School of Nursing and the Broadband Commission for Botetourt County.

“I aspire to serve others, in whatever capacity that may be and however the individual may need assistance,” Evans says. “The generations before me have accomplished wonderful things and spent a lifetime caring for others; it is our turn to give back.”

  • Earned Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate and LPN license
  • Earned Associate Degree in Registered Nursing, Virginia Western Community College, 2008
  • Earned bachelor’s degree in nursing, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, 2012
  • Served as Administrator at Friendship Retirement Community’s South campus since September 2018
  • Resident Assessment Coordinator Certified
  • Serves as a CNA instructor
  • Pioneered a new quality initiative to reduce antipsychotic medications, recognized by the Virginia Health Quality Center (VHQC)
  • Initiated monthly LifeSpire conference call meetings of Administrators and Directors Of Nursing as well as a separate MDS meetings for all 4 communities throughout Virginia
  • Served as a member of Memory Care, Electronic EHR, MDS Coordinator and Ethics committees for LifeSpire of Virginia
  • Has been recognized as a mentor for aspiring MDS Coordinators through the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC)
  • Selected to assist Leading Age of Virginia with Resource Utilization Group (RUG) study in 2015 and is a current member of the Leading Age of Virginia’s CNA task force
  • Served as a Board Member and Program Advisor for Breckinridge School of Nursing and the Botetourt Technical Education Center
  • Served as a Judge for LifeSkills USA Nursing Competition 2015
  • Served as a Program Advisor for ECPI College for their LPN and RN programs, as well as Virginia Western Community College’s LPN, RN, and CNA programs
  • Served as on the advisory board for Botetourt County’s Technical College’s Nurse Aide program
  • Serves on the Broadband Commission for Botetourt County

From the Nomination:

“Brandon Evans began his healthcare career as a nursing assistant at Roanoke Memorial Hospital … Wanting to give back to the men and women who severed in the military, Evans accepted a nursing role at the Virginia Veterans Care Center, where he fell in love with serving the geriatric population. … Since September 2018, Brandon has served as Administrator at Friendship Retirement Community’s South campus, overseeing the 120-bed skilled nursing and state-of-the-art rehabilitation center. … Evans believes supporting his local community is as important as the quality of care his facilities provide. He regularly supports his community’s small businesses, whether through receiving good and services, or assisting them with start-up efforts or volunteering with business-related needs. … Evans’ interest in continual learning and personal growth, coupled with his personal life mission to be of service to others, has created a life and career he loves. He has a genuine and authentic, and compassionate way that puts those around him at ease, making conflict resolution and situational de-escalation a personal strength. Evans lives out Friendship’s value of accountability. He holds himself, his team and Friendship to the highest ethical standards. …  Evans has been known to assist residents/families with financial assistance, personally out of his own pocket, and volunteering his time with ensuring they have everything they needs to succeed.

Evans is a father to two incredible sons, Hunter, 11, and Holden, 7. Hunter is a bright pre-teenager who like Evans, has a passion for computer science. At a very young age, Holden was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy and Cortical Visual Impairment. Caring for Holden and his special needs has further instilled the importance to Evans of dignity and caring for those who rely on services that is reflective in his work every day. Evans lives in Botetourt County with his fiancée, Halee and their two rescue dogs. He and Halee share the same passion for serving the geriatric community, as they both are Long Term Care Administrators. …

Evans is also very grateful to have the opportunity to serve at Friendship Retirement Community where he continues to find satisfaction in caring for others and mentoring the future generations in the healthcare industry. …Whether he is working, mentoring, testifying in court or just hanging out with his family and friends, Brandon is person people want to be around. His genuine care and concern for others continues to make a wonderful difference in the lives of many here in the Roanoke Valley and beyond and we are so honored and fortunate to have him as part of our Friendship team.”

What do you love about Roanoke?

Evans: “I love that Roanoke has an abundance of activities, social events, diverse community and a wide variety of local businesses which ultimately makes Roanoke unique and fun! Although there is a lot of variety in Roanoke, it still carries that small town “feel” like I had where I grew up in Botetourt County. Everyone knows everyone in Roanoke and everyone is always willing to help out their neighbor. Roanokers are also proud of where they live and work. We have the best food, the best outdoor experiences, the best entertainment, the best community, and the best healthcare. We are dubbed the ‘Capital of the Blue Ridge’ for a good reason.”

How does your passion impact our community?

Evans: “I aspire to serve others, in whatever capacity that may be and however the individual may need assistance. Naturally, this aspiration has led me to the healthcare industry where I have been able to serve others with their healthcare related need specializing in caring for our local seniors. Over time, my role has transpired into leadership in the industry and supporting others who share the same aspiration as I do in serving and assisting seniors. My passion is lies in assuring that our local seniors are living their life to the highest of quality. The generations before me have accomplished wonderful things and spent a lifetime caring for others; it is our turn to give back.”

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