Dozens Celebrate Roanoke Woman's 100th Birthday

A Roanoke woman turns 100 years old this week and dozens of people came out Monday to celebrate.

Mildred Patteson has lived in Roanoke her whole life. She and her husband were instrumental in drumming up support to build St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in south Roanoke. Patteson's been at Friendship Living for the past 33 years, where she's been a goodwill ambassador, worked in the library and still loves to play cards.

She said she doesn't have any special secret, but people who have known her for decades have a pretty good guess.

"She's a wonderful person. Out of everybody here, I would say, they're all great people, Mildred is the most positive. She doesn't ever say anything negative," Friendship Living hairdresser Bobbie Coughlin said.

"I personally don't like negative people so I don't want to be one," Patteson said.

People are honoring Patteson's century of life all week long, which she said is fitting for how long she's been around.

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