Friendship Announces 2021 Employee Recognition Awards Winners

Friendship 2021 Employee Recognition Award Winners, Cynthia Redman, Janice Walker, Eric Johnson, Holston Norman

Friendship, a local leader in senior living and rehabilitation, has selected the winners of its annual recognition awards for 2021. The four awards were presented at the employee recognition awards banquet on December 1.

“These awards highlight just some of our Friendship team members who strive to make our community the best in the industry,” said President and CEO Joe Hoff. “In the four award categories of leadership, achievement, community and clinical, we select individuals whose contributions are exemplary within their department and across the company.  It is through these awards we are able to make invisible efforts more visible.”

The recognition award winners are:

·       Friendship Leadership Award: Holston Norman, Dietary Supervisor, Friendship Health and Rehab Center South

·       Friendship Achievement Award: Eric Johnson, Manager of Security

·       Friendship Community Award: Cynthia Redman, Materials/Support Services

·       Friendship Clinical Award: Janice Walker, CNA, Friendship Health and Rehab Center North

The Friendship Leadership Award recognizes and honors an individual for providing exemplary leadership consistent with the vision and mission of Friendship. The recipient positively engages those around them to promote quality of care and services, to improve resident experience and quality of life, to enhance resources and environment in support of our mission, and to communicate and educate by engaging partners and teammates, promoting successful strategies, and advocating for success of our goals. Focused on the success of Friendship, Dietary Supervisor Holston Norman is always communicating with direct reports, getting to know them on a personal level which builds morale and engagement.  His strong leadership skills and work ethic are contagious to others in the department.

The Friendship Achievement Award recognizes and honors an individual who has made a significant contribution to the success of Friendship. The award is given to an individual with multiple years of service to Friendship, who has made a significant impact for those served and is recognized by his or her manager or director and peers as being the best-of-the-best at their vocation. Manager of Security Eric Johnson goes the extra mile to make sure the job is done right, even if it means longer hours and late nights.  He is flexible and always finding ways to overcome day-to-day challenges.  He always has the best interest of Friendship and the residents in mind.

The Friendship Community Award was designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts of an individual who, in addition to making a significant positive impact in his or her department, provides significant volunteer work, personal time, and/or contributions to the betterment of our local community or represents themselves and Friendship in the community with distinction.  Cynthia Redman from Purchasing Support Services is a testament to Friendship’s mission of “supporting friends by providing peace of mind.”  She has volunteered countless services for the residents and staff in times of need.  In addition, she volunteers at charitable organizations including Angels of Assisi and Meals on Wheels.  She enjoys checking on seniors throughout the Roanoke Valley who need a helping hand, and she is always find ways to go above and beyond to help with the betterment of our community.

The Friendship Clinical Award is given to an individual who has made a significant positive clinical impact to his or her patients and residents, promoted and obtained higher quality standards, improved safety in the workplace, and demonstrated best practices. CNA Janice Walker exemplifies compassion by always going above and beyond to meet resident needs.  She comes to work with a smile on her face and is always willing to help out a fellow team member.  She takes her work seriously, but uses her sense of humor to bring laughter and fun to both residents and team members.

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