What to Expect in an Independent Living Community

May 16, 2024
May 14, 2024

If you're an older adult ready for an active retirement and don’t want to have the hassles of home ownership tying you down, an independent living retirement community may be right for you. While you might be surprised to learn that independent living is considered to be a type of senior living community, you’ll find that there are some differences between them. In fact, independent living is more of a retirement lifestyle than a care option.  

Independent living communities are designed specifically for retirees who want an active, social, and worry-free lifestyle. Here's what to know about independent living communities and what you can expect in one.

Understanding independent living

In general, independent living communities are for active, mobile retirees who don't need assistance with daily activities but want less responsibility along with more convenience and social opportunities than they may have at home.  

They differ from other types of senior living in that onsite care is typically not offered. So, if you need assistance with managing your medications, bathing or dressing, or have cognitive challenges and/or chronic health conditions that require ongoing care, independent living may not be the best fit for you.

However, our campus offers additional levels of care for added peace of mind should your health needs change, as well as award-winning therapy services after surgery, illness, or injury. What's more, scheduling third-party home care services is also an option.

What you'll find in an independent living community

There's no sterile, hospital-like setting here! Instead, independent living communities more closely resemble resorts with sprawling campuses, spacious accommodations, luxury amenities, and a lifestyle you'd expect on a vacation.

Independent living retirement communities typically offer:

  • A choice of living options, including apartments, cottages, and/or even condominiums in some cases
  • Restaurant-style dining with one to three chef-prepared meals daily
  • Home upkeep and yard maintenance
  • Basic housekeeping and laundry services
  • Group transportation to appointments and errands
  • Concierge services
  • Wellness programs
  • A range of educational, social, and enrichment programs, activities, and outings
  • Amenities such as a pool, fitness center, onsite beauty and barber salon

Plus, independent living communities like ours are conveniently located just minutes from Roanoke Valley's shopping, dining, and entertainment.  

The independent living lifestyle

Again, the biggest draw of independent living is the active, social, and worry-free lifestyle. Beyond the specific services and amenities offered, quite simply, independent living gives you more freedom than you would ordinarily find at home. So, you can get back to the things you really enjoy with plenty of friends to enjoy them with. It's why so many seniors are choosing to retire to independent living communities while they’re still healthy!

It's a lifestyle filled with choice, pampering, purpose, wellness, and social connection through the amenities, services, and ever-changing calendar of activities, clubs, enrichment and volunteer opportunities, and outings from which to choose.  

Even the design of independent living communities supports this lifestyle, with lovely common areas to host family and friends, as well as beautiful gardens, courtyards, and walking paths where residents like to gather and enjoy nature or host family and friends. Many independent communities are even pet-friendly!

To learn more, download our
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Your Guide to Independent Living


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