Senior Living Amenities: Comfort and Convenience in Today’s Communities

May 11, 2022
Friendship residences and gazebo, sidewalk, green space

Senior living amenities are one of the biggest draws to these communities today. In fact, because of the comfort and convenience of the lifestyle, seniors are moving earlier than ever, often while perfectly healthy, too! From housekeeping to restaurant-style dining to a fitness center to concierge services, here are some of the amenities you’ll benefit from in senior living.

The Benefits of Senior Living Amenities

After working hard all these years, retirement is supposed to be an easier time in life, right? It’s a time to be more carefree, more comfortable and truly enjoy all life has to offer. Senior living communities today understand that which is why our amenities aren’t just a bragging point, they’re intended to benefit your life in a number of ways.

●      Maintenance-free living – By offering amenities like building and yard maintenance and transportation, we’re freeing you of the burdens of not only these chores, but also the worry over unexpected expenses like having to replace the roof or other repairs that come with owning a home. This also gives you more time to do the things you love.

●      Resort-like living – It’s easy to be more comfortable living in a place with beautifully landscaped grounds, stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, spacious accommodations in 26 different floor plans from which to choose, choice of dining venues, and even concierge services. Not to mention lovely common areas to host friends and family.

●      Convenience – If location is everything then we’re in good shape because our senior living community is just minutes away from Roanoke Valley’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment. Other conveniences of life here include having an onsite beauty salon, physician clinic and pharmacy (with delivery).

●      Social connection and fulfillment – In terms of senior living amenities, being able to create opportunities to connect and find purpose is one of the most rewarding for our residents (and us) because we know how lonely it can be at home sometimes, particularly when living alone. Here, we have a full calendar of social events, activities, and outings as well as clubs, classes, guest speakers, discussions on current events, plus volunteer opportunities to keep you engaged and fulfilled.

●      Wellness – Healthy aging is a focus here and our senior living amenities attest to that. Not only does our fitness program include strength, cardio, and balance components as well as health and wellbeing services and a state-of-the-art fitness center. But also, our chef-inspired menus are prepared in collaboration with a nutritionist or dietician to ensure they are healthy, well-balanced, and appropriately portioned.

●      Peace of Mind – The ultimate comfort for anyone is to have peace of mind, which is why Friendship made “supporting friends by providing peace of mind” its very mission. Senior living communities like ours provide that in spades with home care services that help keep you independent for as long as possible, award-winning therapy services and multiple levels of care on the same campus for an easier transition should your health needs evolve over time.

For more information about senior living and to schedule a visit, contact Friendship today.

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Guide to Aging Gracefully


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