Is Senior Living the Right Choice for Me?

August 15, 2022

Whether or not to move to senior living is one of the hardest decisions a person (or family) can make. It’s natural that most people want to age in place at home. But then again, senior living offers so many benefits that residents often state they wish they hadn’t waited so long to move! The question is: what’s best for you or your loved one?  

Here are some things to consider in determining whether senior living is the right choice or not.

Senior Living Options

First, it’s important to note that senior living is not one-size-fits-all. Rather, there are specific types of senior living that fit different needs and wants. The most common senior living options include:

  • Independent Living – Ideal for seniors who don’t yet need assistance, but who want to spend their days enjoying their interests and passions instead of chores and household responsibilities. Amenities may include home maintenance, housekeeping, restaurant-style dining, concierge services, fitness center, transportation, and a full calendar of social events, activities, and enrichment opportunities. Our luxury apartments offer 26 floor plans from which to choose.
  • Assisted Living – You’ll find assisted living is similar to independent living in terms of the amenities and social as well as enrichment opportunities. However, in addition, assisted living offers support with daily tasks like bathing and dressing as needed, while empowering residents to continue living as independently as possible. In addition, we offer 24-hour staffing and onsite health specialists who support each resident with a specialized care program, all in an inviting, home-like setting.
  • Memory Care – Designed just for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, memory care features specially-trained staff, 24-hour support, and a safe, yet comfortable setting. Because dementia affects the entire family, it requires a uniquely flexible care plan that not only supports the specific needs of the resident but also gives peace of mind to families. Our memory care program offers enrichment activities as well as fitness and social opportunities that help residents to make the most of life as well.

Should You Move to Senior Living?

Truly, that’s a question only you can answer. That said, we believe an honest assessment of your wants, needs, and circumstances at home can help you decide whether or not senior living is the right choice for you or your loved one. Here’s what to consider by type of senior living.

Independent living might be a good fit if:

  • Cleaning, cooking, household repairs, and yard work are becoming a hassle or just getting to be too much work.
  • You or your loved one would enjoy more social opportunities.
  • You or your loved one are interested in spending more time pursuing hobbies and/or trying new things.
  • You or your loved one seeking more purpose in life.
  • It’s becoming harder to fill your calendar with fun, engaging activities at home.

Assisted living might be a good fit if:

  • Falling is a concern at home.
  • There has been a health scare or chronic conditions that are worsening.
  • There are nutritional concerns and/or sudden weight loss or gain.
  • It’s becoming more difficult to get around.
  • More social opportunities are wanted/needed.
  • It’s becoming difficult to keep up with house cleaning, laundry, shopping, and other chores.
  • Assistance is needed with personal care or medications,
  • Driving has become more challenging.

Memory care might be a good fit if:

  • Memory loss is affecting your loved one’s ability to care for themselves and/or their home.
  • You have noticed safety issues such as leaving the stove on or doors unlocked.
  • Medication errors have occurred or are becoming more frequent.
  • You’ve noticed your loved one wandering.
  • Your loved one sometimes get disoriented in familiar places.
  • Your loved one seems depressed or isolated.
  • Your loved one would benefit from activities to strengthen cognitive functioning that are not regularly available at home.

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