Spot the Signs: Is It Time for Senior Living for Your Loved One?

May 11, 2022

Have you noticed your loved one struggling with daily tasks like personal care or taking care of the house? Does their health seem to be worsening? Are they becoming more confused or withdrawn? Even if so, does that necessarily mean that it’s time for senior living? These are questions that many families are struggling with right now. Often waiting for that one moment where you know with certainty; yes, this is it. Unfortunately, more often there are a number of subtle signs that suggest it’s time for senior living rather than one telling event. Here are the signs to look for to help you make a confident decision.

  1. Safety Concerns
  • Is your loved one leaving doors unlocked, opening them to strangers or wandering?
  • Have they had kitchen fires or appliances left on?
  • Does your loved one get disoriented in familiar places?
  • Have they fallen, or are they at high risk of falling because of eye conditions, balance, medications, or safety concerns in the home?
  • How close is help to them in an emergency?
  1. Physical Health
  • Has your loved one experienced sudden weight loss or gain?
  • Do they have difficulty getting up from a chair, navigating stairs, and/or around furniture at home?
  • Have they had a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses such as colds?
  • Are chronic health conditions getting worse or harder to manage at home?
  • Are they able to exercise regularly at home and/or are they willing to?
  1. Mental Wellbeing
  • Does your loved one have enough opportunity for social connection?
  • Are they beginning to avoid activities that they previously enjoyed?
  • Do they have active friendships?
  • Does your loved one seem moody or depressed?
  • Do they have enough opportunity to pursue hobbies or learn new things?
  1. Concerns About Appearance
  • Is your loved one’s appearance suddenly unkempt?
  • Are their clothes stained and dirty?
  • Is make-up incorrectly applied?
  1. Daily Tasks
  • Is it becoming difficult for your loved one to manage home repairs, yard work, house cleaning, laundry, shopping, and other chores?
  • Can they shower, dress, use the bathroom and manage their medications independently?
  • Are there unpaid bills, and/or have they fallen victim to scams?
  • Is there unopened mail, newspapers, or magazines piling up?
  • Are plants dying or do they appear neglected?
  • Are their pets as well taken care of as they used to be?
  1. Transportation Concerns
  • Have you noticed unexplained dents on your loved one’s car?
  • Have there been accidents or close calls while your loved one was driving?
  • Are you concerned about their driving ability: too fast/slow, tailgating, drifting across lanes, or confusing the gas and the brake?
  • Are you concerned about their reaction time and vision while driving?
  • Are they easily distracted or have they gotten lost on the way home?
  • Has your loved one run out of gas and/or let regular car maintenance go?
  1. Nutrition Concerns
  • Do they have stale, expired foods in the pantry or excessive amounts of particular items?
  • Is your loved one able to prepare fresh, healthy meals regularly?
  • Does your loved one eat frozen dinners or take-out more often than not and/or do they skip meals?

When It’s Time for Senior Living

Answering ‘yes’ to more of these questions than not means the time for senior living is likely near. At the very least, your family should start to consider the benefits it can offer to help your loved one make the most of life, and the senior living options available near you. To get started, research communities online and talk to friends, families, colleagues, or even your doctor for recommendations.

For more information about senior living and to schedule a visit, contact Friendship today.

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