Is Assisted Living Right for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

November 28, 2023
November 28, 2023

If you’ve been researching assisted living communities, you likely know that they offer not only housing and support with daily activities if needed, but also a variety of services and amenities. How do you know for sure that a community is right for you or your older loved one, though? We can help you find out. Here are some of the benefits of the assisted living lifestyle to consider, and questions about assisted living to ask yourself.

Assisted living’s benefits

Many are surprised at the number of benefits assisted living communities offer, specifically beyond those related to the care that’s provided. The benefits of assisted living include the following:

  • Less stress – Residents in our community enjoy apartment-style suites in a range of floor plans with full maintenance, housekeeping, linen service, and restaurant-style dining, so they not only have less stress but also more time to pursue the interests that truly make them happy and fulfilled.  
  • Convenience – With concierge services to make life easier, plus a fitness center, a full-service salon and barbershop, and a library, almost everything you need is right here. Plus, we’re just minutes from Roanoke Valley’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment and offer scheduled transportation when you want or need to go off campus.
  • Connection – Assisted living communities like ours offer a monthly calendar filled with social events, exercise programs, classes, clubs, live music and entertainment, opportunities for creative expression, game nights, group outings, religious services, volunteer opportunities, and more! What’s more, you have plenty of neighbors and loving care staff nearby to enjoy it with.
  • Peace of mind – Residents and their families find comfort in that we offer access to 24/7 support, a homelike environment, community design that minimizes steps and fall hazards, plus emergency response systems and other safety features as standard.  

Of course, we can’t leave off the care provided in assisted living entirely! Our community features specialized care programs that provide residents with as much or as little support as they need to thrive. This balance promotes independence, as do our home care and award-winning rehabilitation services. Moreover, many assisted living communities, like ours, offer multiple levels of care on our campus to ease the transition as resident needs evolve over time.

Assisted living questions to ask yourself

Now that you know more about the benefits of assisted living, it’s time to determine if it’s right for you right now. To do so, we recommend assessing your current situation at home. To help, ask yourself these assisted living questions:


  • Have you become disoriented in familiar places recently?
  • Have you accidentally left appliances on?
  • Do you have concerns about falling and/or safety concerns at home?

Health and nutrition

  • Is getting in and out of bed and/or the chair/sofa becoming difficult?
  • Have you had trouble navigating stairs and/or around furniture?
  • Have you had a recent health scare or trouble recovering from common illnesses?
  • Are chronic health conditions getting worse or harder to manage?
  • Have you had sudden weight loss or gain?
  • Are you opting for frozen dinners or take-out more often than cooking fresh food?

Daily tasks

  • Is it becoming harder to keep up with house cleaning, laundry, shopping, and other chores?  
  • Is it becoming a struggle to maintain the house and/or yard?
  • Do you need help to shower, dress, go to the bathroom, and/or manage medications?  


  • Have you had recent accidents or close calls while driving?
  • Does your reaction time seem slower and/or vision impaired?
  • Is it easier to get distracted, and/or are there any instances of getting lost on the way home?

Social and emotional well-being

  • Do you wish you had more social opportunities available?  
  • Do you find yourself avoiding activities you previously loved?  
  • Do you desire more purpose in daily life?
  • Do you feel moodier or depressed recently?

While one “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean all is well, agreeing with most of these doesn’t mean you need to move to assisted living tomorrow. But your answers to these assisted living questions could be a sign that a move to assisted living is a good idea, sooner rather than later.

To learn more, download our
A Guide to Assisted Living

A Guide to Assisted Living


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