Independent Living: Comparing the Cost Versus Value

June 3, 2024
May 28, 2024

If you've been considering a move to independent living, you may wonder if the cost is worth it. While it's true that independent living isn't inexpensive, the value more than makes up for it because the amenities, services, and lifestyle you'll find in these communities are hard to match, particularly at home. Here's a look at independent living's cost versus value.

An overview of independent living

Many are surprised to learn that independent living is actually a type of senior living. But it's certainly different than what people typically think of as senior living. In fact, senior living today has multiple levels of care, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.  

Independent living is more about lifestyle than care because it's specifically designed for active, mobile retirees who don't currently need any daily assistance. Rather, they are looking for less responsibility, more convenience, and more social opportunities than they may have at home.  

In terms of price, published data on the average cost of independent living varies depending on location and amenities, among other factors. However, recent research by the National Council on Aging has found a range between $1,709-$4,595 per month.

Independent living’s value

When comparing the cost of independent living versus value, it really comes down to the amenities, services, and lifestyle included in the monthly cost. First, independent living communities more closely resemble resorts than the sterile, hospital-like setting you may imagine, with sprawling campuses, spacious accommodations, luxury amenities like concierge services, a pool, fitness center, wellness programs, restaurant-style dining, and an onsite beauty and barber salon. Independent living communities are also often pet-friendly!

What's more, you have freedom from home responsibilities and chores with services that include home upkeep and yard maintenance, basic housekeeping and laundry services, and group transportation to appointments and errands.

All of this gives you more time and makes it more convenient to enjoy the greatest independent living value of all: how the lifestyle enhances your quality of life. In independent living communities like ours, being more active, social, and engaged is often easier than at home. Here, you'll find a full calendar of educational, social, and enrichment programs, activities, and outings to choose from. Plus, they are all right outside your door, which couldn't be more convenient, as is the fact that our campus is just minutes from Roanoke Valley's shopping, dining, and entertainment.  

You'll also have peace of mind knowing that you're less likely to have unexpected expenses in independent living with one set monthly cost. See how your out-of-pocket costs at home compare to the independent living's value in this worksheet:

Monthly Expenses Costs at Home Cost of Independent Living
Mortgage or rent
Caregiving included
Property tax and insurance included
Home maintenance and repairs included
Lawn care and yard maintenance included
Housekeeping included
Utilities included
(electricity, gas, water, trash removal, etc.)
24-hour security included
Transportation included
(insurance, gas, registration, repairs)
Dining included
Social and Entertainment included
Exercise and wellness included
24-hour emergency alert system included
Total Actual Costs

Many seniors are surprised to discover that, when they add up their current living expenses, the value received in independent living outweighs the cost of living at home.  

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