Finding Connection and Purpose During Retirement in the Roanoke – Salem Region

May 11, 2023
May 9, 2023

When it comes to staying healthy during retirement, most advice revolves around what to eat and how to stay physically active. What many don’t realize though is that having connection with others and purpose during this time of your life is just as important to your health and happiness! Luckily, the Roanoke – Salem Region gives you plenty of opportunities for both, which could be one of the reasons why the area has been listed in “Forbes Best Places to Retire.”  

Find connection and purpose during retirement in the Roanoke – Salem Region

The Importance of connection and purpose in retirement

There are numerous mental and physical health benefits of having social connections and purpose in retirement. According to the National Institute on Aging, socially connected seniors have a lower risk for Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, depression, and anxiety.  

Both connection and purpose are also linked to living longer, and they just make life more rewarding and fun during retirement!

Similarly, having purpose during retirement may also reduce stress, inflammation in the body (often linked to cardiovascular disease and other health conditions), and blood pressure, as well as increase motivation to make healthy lifestyle choices, according to Harvard Health.  

Volunteering in the Roanoke – Salem Region

When you volunteer your time, you’re not only doing something purposeful but can also be an opportunity for social connection as well. Places to search for volunteer opportunities in the Roanoke – Salem Region include the following:

  • The City of Salem, VA lists different ways to get involved in a number of areas.
  • The City of Roanoke, VA encourages citizens to get involved and participate in the development and enhancement of the city and the community in which they live and work.
  • VolunteerMatch connects volunteers and nonprofits by matching you with opportunities in your local area.
  • AmeriCorps Seniors is a network that connects individuals 55+ with volunteer opportunities.
  • Also consider contacting local organizations individually, like Habitat for Humanity, schools, sports leagues, vocational programs, hospitals, literacy organizations, churches, or a local Humane Society.   

Religious organizations in the Roanoke – Salem Region

Religion has a major role in the life of many seniors in the United States. In fact, the religious community offers tremendous opportunities for social connection in the Roanoke – Salem Region. Here are some of the diverse options in which you can find:

  • Masjid An-Nur Islamic Center Mosque, Masjid An-Nur Islamic Center Mosque
  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple
  • Beth Israel Synagogue, Emanuel Reform Congregation Synagogue
  • Bethe Haitian Seventh-day Adventist Church, Roanoke Melrose Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church, Roanoke Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Calvary United Methodist Church, Central United Methodist Church, First United Methodist Church, Greene Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Christ Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Christian Life International Church
  • Chùa Phật Sơn - Buddha Mountain Center Buddhist Temple
  • Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints
  • College Lutheran Church, Emmanuel Lutheran Church
  • Emmanuel Wesleyan Church
  • Green Ridge Baptist Church, Plantation Road Baptist Church, Ridgewood Baptist Church, Shenandoah Baptist Church
  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • New Life Christian Ministries
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, St. Elias Maronite Catholic Church, St. Gerard Catholic Church
  • Salem Presbyterian Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Summerdean Church of the BrethrenTemple    

Senior centers in the Roanoke – Salem Region

Another way to find connection and purpose during retirement is through a senior center. These community gathering spaces typically offer health and wellness, educational, and arts programs, as well as recreational activities, social events, and outings for seniors. Your options in the Roanoke – Salem Region include the following:

Retirement in the Roanoke – Salem Region at Friendship Retirement Community

At Friendship Retirement Community, we empower retirees to advance their own health and well-being by creating vibrant lifestyles that inspire creativity, support choice, protect dignity, and celebrate experience. We feature three campuses in the Roanoke – Salem Region offering a range of services from independent and assisted living to memory care and more. In addition, we help residents to live well during retirement in the Roanoke – Salem Region with the following:

  • Freedom from the burdens of home upkeep with residence and yard maintenance and group transportation provided.
  • Beautiful grounds with stunning views of the Blue Ridge mountains and spacious accommodations with several different floor plans from which to choose.
  • A location just minutes away from the Roanoke – Salem Region’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Conveniences including an onsite beauty salon.
  • A full calendar of social events, activities, and outings, as well as clubs, classes, guest speakers, discussions on current events, and volunteer opportunities.  
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center with a pool, fitness programs, health and well-being services, and chef-inspired menus prepared in collaboration with a nutritionist or dietician.
  • Home care services that help keep you independent for as long as possible, award-winning therapy services, and multiple levels of care on the same campus.

To learn more, download our
A Guide to Living Well During Retirement in Roanoke and Salem, VA

A Guide to Living Well During Retirement in Roanoke and Salem, VA


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