Daily Life & COVID-19: Making Independent Living Work in the New Normal

May 11, 2022
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So much has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Life at home may barely resemble the old normal in some ways as seniors are still being asked to go out as little as possible. While plenty has changed in senior living too, we’re still committed to making sure residents get the most out of life. And quite honestly, that may be easier to do in independent living than at home. Here’s how we’re making it work in the new normal.

Concerns About Wellbeing

Some of the biggest concerns for seniors in this new normal - aside from the fact that they are at greater risk for complications from COVID-19 - are social isolation and the ability to stay active. The inability to do either of which can also pose health concerns such as an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, weakened immunity, Type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline. It can even put you at greater risk for anxiety and depression which are already on the rise thanks to the pandemic.

Daily Life During COVID-19

At home, there are certainly plenty of ways to stay active and connected as we discussed in a previous blog. However, in independent living there are three reasons it might be easier (and more fun):

●      Most communities have an activity director that plans it all for you

●      All the options are conveniently located right outside your door

●      You’re never alone as friends, neighbors and caring associates are always near

Some of the activities going on this month include patio Bingo, Walk the Campus, Create for a Cause Yarn Circle, Friendship Coloring Club, exercise classes, movie nights with popcorn, scenic bus rides around beautiful Roanoke and our Lunch & Listen series with virtual speakers on a variety of topics important to seniors. All events are by reservation only to maintain social distancing.

We also have ample technology resources to help keep you connected with family and friends. Plus, residents can enjoy our onsite restaurant and bar as well as our pool, gym and salon. These areas are all located separate from resident living areas and also allow us to maintain appropriate social distance.

Safety in Independent Living

We understand safety is paramount in our new normal, but rest assured independent living offers a number of ways to limit exposure to COVID-19, potentially even more so than at home. For example, we not only adhere to local, state and federal guidelines for COVID-19, you’ll also avoid public touchpoints because everything you need is here. Not to mention you never have to worry about out-of-stock necessities because our supply chain is strong. Our 24-hour staffing also gives you added peace of mind because we’re able to respond quickly to any potential symptoms or concerns.

For more information about our community, contact Friendship today to schedule your virtual or in-person visit by calling 540.777.7103!

Want additional "boredom busters" and tips as we navigate through this pandemic?  Click here to access our free COVID-19 Guide!

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