7 Benefits of Downsizing to Senior Living

July 9, 2024
July 9, 2024

If you’re retired or retirement is on the horizon, you’ve most likely given some thought to downsizing to a senior living community. However, the National Council on Aging notes that 88% of U.S. adults ages 50–80 want to stay in their homes as they grow older. While certainly understandable, it’s important not to rush into a decision of this magnitude either way, especially without a clear understanding of what it can truly mean for your lifestyle. We can help by sharing the benefits of downsizing to senior living.

7 benefits of downsizing to senior living

  1. More freedom – Home ownership is wonderful but can also be a constant source of stress, from home upkeep to extra expenses like insurance and property taxes to unexpected (and costly) repairs. Downsizing to senior living removes these burdens. With more predictable costs, as well as having maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, and meals provided, you have the freedom to enjoy retirement fully.
  1. More fun—Even if downsizing to a smaller house gives you more free time from chores, connecting with others and staying as engaged as you’d like may still be difficult. However, one of the greatest benefits of downsizing to senior living is the lifestyle it offers. In our community, staying active, connected, and engaged is often much easier because you have a full calendar of social events, activities, outings, enrichment classes, and more, all planned for you each month!
  1. More amenities – It’s hard to downsize to a house or condo with the range of resort-like amenities that senior living offers, like concierge services, an on-site salon, restaurant-style dining, and group transportation provided for you.
  1. More focus on wellness – A key to healthy aging is wellness, and downsizing to senior living makes it even easier. Our community features amenities that support all aspects of wellness, such as a fitness center, exercise classes, spacious grounds with walking trails, and nutritious dining, all right outside your door!
  1. More convenience – Retirement means leaving the daily commute behind, and you likely don’t want to replace that with more time spent going to and from the everyday services you need or the activities you enjoy. When downsizing to senior living, you won’t have to because communities are often located in the center of it all for added convenience. In fact, we’re located minutes from all the shopping, dining, and entertainment in Roanoke Valley.
  1. More peace of mind – Although you may be completely independent when downsizing to senior living, having additional support and care available if needed can offer tremendous peace of mind. For example, we offer everything from award-winning therapy to home care to different levels of senior living, such as independent living, assisted living, and memory care, on the same campus.
  1. More value – When considering downsizing to senior living, make sure to compare the monthly cost in a community to your total monthly cost of living at home. In addition to your rent or mortgage, you must also add food, utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and entertainment because all these things are included in the monthly cost of senior living! Factoring in these things plus any additional costs of home safety modifications (which can be costly yet are standard in our community) and/or home health care, you may find that downsizing to senior living is cheaper. Another value add is that if your current neighborhood is thriving, it may be a great time to sell at a profit. Plus, you won’t have to pay for utilities and taxes on space you’re not using.  

You can now see why downsizing to senior living is becoming popular for retirees, even while perfectly healthy!

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