5 Tips to Decorate Your Senior Living Apartment to Feel Like Home

May 11, 2022
Senior apartment, Friendship Retirement Community, bedroom with purple accents

If you are preparing for a move to a senior living community, it’s likely you’re both nervous and excited at the same time. With the lifestyle and amenities, you certainly have plenty to look forward to, yet you may be wondering, will it really feel like home? We can help you make sure of it, and it all starts with how you decorate your senior living apartment. Check out these tips.

  1. Arrange With Care - Request a floor plan and evaluate how much space you have as well as the layout you’re working with. The community may also provide certain items for your new home. Check with them in advance to see what may already be in the space. Then, plan to arrange the space in a way that’s familiar yet functional. For example, make sure the nightstand is on its usual side of the bed, you recreate your reading nook, or make a crafting area like in your previous home.
  2. Mix Old and New – You’re most likely working with less space in your new apartment, so downsizing your furnishings and possessions will be key. But that doesn’t mean leaving what makes your home uniquely you behind. For example, maybe you’ll need to get a smaller dining set but you get the same style, you need a different couch but you keep your throw pillows, or you change from a king to a queen bed, but get bedding in similar colors. In your senior living apartment, you might also use the same artwork and décor to make it feel even more like home.
  3. Decorate Your Senior Living Apartment with Memories – Another way to decorate your senior living apartment to make it feel more like home is to make sure you add your framed photos of family and friends as well as photo books or even a digital frame that can hold hundreds of images. Also, create a space to display the grandkids' artwork and special things like your record collection or first edition novels you’ve bought over the years. It’s about surrounding yourself with memories that make you smile and fill your heart.
  4. Add Some Color – One thing that has a bigger impact than you may realize in a space is color. Using a color scheme that speaks to your personality is a quick way to make you feel more at home. Depending on the community, you may be able to decorate your senior living apartment by painting the walls, but even if not, there are a number of ways to add color through your decor. Remember, cooler colors make spaces seem larger and airier while warm colors make spaces feel cozier.
  5. Make the Most of the Space – Just because the square footage may be smaller than you’re used to, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. How you decorate your senior living apartment goes a long way in having the space function like home. For example, to create more storage use dual-purpose items like an ottoman with storage inside or maximize your vertical space with shelving and/or furniture pieces that go up to the ceiling. Mirrors can also help the space feel larger; simply place one opposite a window to reflect the light or place one behind a light source.

Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that the community itself also plays a big part in how at home you feel. After you decorate your senior living apartment, a sure-fire way to connect is to get a copy of the activity calendar to see what’s available that you might enjoy. Once you find things you love to do and make those first friends, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

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