Rehab South


A New Kind Of Rehab Experience

The décor, furniture, the sunlit airy environment, and soaring space speaks strongly of a premium hotel. Arched, timbered ceiling beams and comfortable seating arranged around a focal-point fireplace add a note of ski lodge.

Friendly staff demeanor conveys a comfortable hospitality. Walk into Friendship Health’s new rehabilitation center in Southwest Roanoke County, and see for yourself how Friendship can help you regain your strength.

Friendship Health – Rehab South: A New Kind Of Rehab Experience
5647 Starkey Road, Roanoke, VA 24018

Providing More

Featuring four, 30-bed short-term patient wings with a large, state-of-the art rehabilitation gym at the center of the complex, Rehab South was designed from the ground up to showcase the best services and innovations for patient care. Staffed by our award-winning therapists and nurses, we are devoted to creating an environment of enhancing quality of life, promoting independence, inspiring hope, and helping make faster recoveries. The goal is to make your rehabilitation as comfortable and seamless as possible.

Each guest at Rehab South will have their own private room during their stay. The facility also features several protected, outdoor courtyards with family seating and fireplaces. Adjacent to the courtyards, there are two dining rooms where guests may enjoy meals prepared from scratch, eliminating heavy use of frozen preservative-rich and pre-processed food. There is also a suite for activities of daily living to help people regain the day-to-day skills they may have lost. In the three-room suite (bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen), patients will be able to relearn skills for bathing and meal preparation. Barn-type sliding doors have replaced the conventional, wide-swinging doors in patient rooms.

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Therapy Gym

In the therapy gym, patients will find the latest innovations to expedite their recovery. A heated, aquatic therapy pool with water temperature kept at a constant 92 degrees allows for warmer muscles that will stretch more easily and respond better to therapy sessions. The pool includes an underwater treadmill that dramatically reduces the pull of gravity during exercise. Outside of the gym in our therapy courtyard we have graded and textured walking surfaces to relearn how to walk on a variety of surfaces.

Friendship North Campus

367 Hershberger Road, Roanoke, VA 24012


Friendship South Campus

5647 Starkey Road, Roanoke, VA 24018


Friendship Salem Terrace

1851 Harrogate Dr, Salem, VA 24153