Over $4,600 Raised through Friendship’s Outpace COVID-19 Virtual Run/Walk Event

ROANOKE, Va. (June 4, 2020) – Friendship, a local non-profit leader in senior living and rehabilitation, is proud to announce its first ever virtual run/walk event, Outpace COVID-19, raised $4,666 from 117 participants to help offset costs the organization has had to endure due to the pandemic.  

“Our team members, residents and friends from the greater community came together to support our organization, and from all accounts, it seems everyone had a good time too,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Hoff.

Development Officer Sarah Stephens led the initiative, setting up the race webpage, securing corporate sponsorships, encouraging participation, as well as securing and designating prizes for event participants.

“It’s great to see how this event brought people together and got us all moving and focusing on personal health,” said Stephens.  “We’re very thankful and excited how it also helped increase awareness of our community and the services we provide.  Even in the midst of the many unknowns and uncharted territory we’re all trying to figure out, people still gave, participated and made our people a priority.  It makes the contributions all that much more meaningful.”  

Corporate sponsors for the event included USI, BAI Select, Fleet Feet, Fitness for Good and Runabout Sports Roanoke.

“This was a fun way to celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day and was definitely a bright spot in the midst of this pandemic,” said Hoff.  “We enjoyed seeing the participants sharing photos of their progress, in all the various, beautiful locations.  It was heartwarming seeing family members, friends and pets also taking part.  That’s the kind of bonds and memories we hoped would be made as part of this event.”

To learn more about Friendship Foundation, please visit https://www.friendship.us/foundation.  Stephens may also be reached at 540.265.2122 or sstephens@friendship.us.

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