Living A Full Life Is Easier With Quick Access To Essentials.

Our on-site pharmacy and gift shop lets residents easily pick up everything from prescriptions to medical supplies to household items like snacks and paper towels.

Friendship Pharmacy is also home to our Medication Check-Up program, which helps customers understand the effects of their medications and how they interact with one another. Our pharmacists work with you and your doctor to find the best solutions for your needs.

In addition, Friendship has partnered with the Medical College of Virginia and Shenandoah University Pharmacy Schools to design studies exploring geriatric medication management and related research. These studies focus on long-term benefits over the life of the patient versus short-term benefits that many hospitals might emphasize. In addition, our pharmacy offers:

Our Pharmacy Also Offers

  • Delivery of requested items to the door of all on-campus residents
  • On-staff pharmacist to answer any questions about medications or possible drug interactions
  • Prices which are competitive with any national pharmacy chain
  • Acceptance of Medicare Part D and other drug benefit plans
  • Finding specialty medications that may be hard to obtain
  • Coordination with your previous pharmacy for easy transfer of your prescriptions
  • Communication with your doctor if you need additional refills
  • Flexible payment arrangements with an in-store charge account. We also accept checks and all major credit cards.


Offered exclusively through Friendship Pharmacy

Improves adherence to prescriptions by providing detachable, individual “blister” packs, labeled for the specific time to be taken, and contains prescribed dosage. This allows for the ability to take medications at the appropriately prescribed time, even when on the go. Serves as a visual reminder of when prescriptions need to be refilled, encouraging more timely refills and adherence to doctor’s orders.The pack can accommodate up to 18 medications of morning, noon, evening, and bedtime doses for 31 days.

The package features customizable labels that include the patient name and medication doses.

Contact our Pharmacy for Specific Questions

Retail Pharmacy/Emporium: 540.265.2152
Doctor’s Line: 540.362.1515
Fax: 540.777.6865

Institutional Pharmacy: 540.265.2153
Doctor’s Line: 540.265.2232
Fax: 540.265.2154

At Friendship, we’re always eager to get in touch with our community. Please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you prefer to talk on the phone, give us a call at 540.385.8720.

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