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Contact Information

Skilled Care Coordinator—540.265.2224

When a patient is admitted for skilled care covered by the Medicare program, the facility’s skilled care coordinator in the MDS Department is responsible for monitoring the progress of the care and continued eligibility for Medicare coverage. For any questions regarding skilled coverage, please contact our MDS Manager at 540.265.2224.

Medicare only covers care related to specific services for limited time periods. When skilled services are no longer required, Medicare coverage will cease. Medicare coverage can never exceed 100 days for a single spell of illness. Each resident or family should be contacted by your social worker within the first week of admission to schedule a Care Plan meeting. This meeting will cover care details, including discharge plans.

Social Services Department

The Social Services Department at Friendship Health helps ensure each resident has the highest possible quality of services during their stay. Social Services assist in many areas, including:

  • Discharge planning
  • Assistance with advance directives
  • Acting as liaison to resolve concerns
  • Coordinating family meetings
  • Answering general questions, such as referrals for community resources, obtaining personal needs, or simply providing an open ear.

Please use the personnel directory to contact the appropriate social worker for assistance based their area of responsibility.

Business Office—540.265.2185

If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact the business office telephone numbers listed below.

Business Office Main Number: 540.265.2185

Account Reconciliation: For questions regarding services or supplies on your statement—540.265.2186

Account Manager: For questions regarding your bill—540.265.2180

Pharmacy Billing – For questions regarding medications or pharmacy billing—540.265.2129

Financial Medicaid Case Worker – For questions regarding Medicaid program eligibility and the application process—540.265.2105

For all other contacts, please call Friendship Health’s main switchboard at 540.265.2100 and ask to be connected to the party you need to reach.