July 21 - Point Prevalence Study (PPS) Results

Hello all,

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’d like to update you on our recent Point Prevalence Study (PPS) conducted in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Virginia National Guard.

Since our last communication, we have conducted 1,090 tests within our four facilities: 442 of those were for residents, the remaining 648 were for staff.  Overwhelmingly, we had fantastic results!  No residents tested positive, and thankfully all but four staff members had negative results!  Three of the four positive cases were expected, as we knew those dining services individuals were already tested and would yield positive results.  We had one asymptomatic individual who tested positive.  Facility-specific results have been communicated with residents and families.

After having completed this baseline testing, we now move toward more frequent mass testing of staff and residents.   Sourcing and securing test kits has proven to be a challenge, but we are happy to report that we have test kits arriving tomorrow, July 22, 2020, and will be communicating with families directly regarding our future testing strategy for each location.

Know that we appreciate your support as we continue to navigate our way through these challenging times, keeping everyone’s health and safety the first, and foremost priority.


Ben Higgins

Vice President of Healthcare Operations

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