April 24 Update: Friendship Campuses Still COVID-19 Free

Hello friends,

We hope you are healthy and abiding by the recommendations aimed to keep everyone safe.    We are pleased to share we still have no COVID-19 cases in any of our campuses!  You have probably already heard, other retirement and healthcare centers in our area now do have confirmed cases.  Our hearts go out to those communities and all involved.  

Within the healthcare industry, it is not uncommon for employees to serve in multiple locations.  That being said, we have heightened our screening process, requiring team members to disclose if they work in other healthcare facilities, and if so, where.  If any of our employees have worked in COVID-19-confirmed places, leadership team members determine if it’s appropriate for the team member to proceed to work, or if it’s best to return home.  

We are extremely proud of our team members, in their bravery, loyalty and consistency.  Every day they come to work, they are serving faithfully, and following the protocols that are keeping all of us safe.  Many thanks to those of you who have acknowledged their efforts by sending peace of mind care packages.  We have and continue to post photos of recipients on our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin) – be sure to take time to visit and interact on our pages!  Thank you for keeping them encouraged; your sentiments and well-wishes mean more than you’ll ever know.

The impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold and is still uncertain.  Many companies have closed doors or have taken drastic cost-cutting measures to continue operations.  Friendship has been fortunate to not have to resort to these measures.  As always, the first and foremost concern is our residents’ health and well-being.  As I’ve said several times throughout this pandemic, we are preparing for the absolute worst, but also hoping for the absolute best.  We are trying to make sure the teams that are most closely involved with our residents are kept intact.

It is in times like these, that the good in humanity shines.  Many thanks to those of you that have made donations, every bit of assistance counts – especially now!  If you would like to contribute to our community, whether it be with a financial gift, through donations of cloths masks or supplies, or if you want to purchase peace of mind care packages (that are offered at cost), know your thoughtfulness and generosity would be greatly appreciated.

We have and will continue to communicate with you, regarding any further changes that come about as a result of the threat of the Coronavirus.

Thank you for your continued understanding, compassion and encouragement.  On behalf of everyone at Friendship and Salem Terrace at Harrogate, take care and stay well.


Joe Hoff

President & CEO

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