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Friendship Announces 2017 Employee Recognition Awards Winners

Healthcare and senior living organization celebrates staff excellence at annual awards ceremony

ROANOKE, Va. (December 12, 2017) – Friendship, a leader in senior living and rehabilitation, has selected the winners of its annual recognition awards for 2017. Each of the four awards were presented at the annual Employee Recognition Awards banquet on December 6.

“These awards help us highlight some of the people who strive to make us the best in the industry,” explains Joe Hoff, Friendship President and CEO. “In the four award categories of Leadership, Achievement, Community and Clinical, we select four staff members whose contributions are exemplary within their department and across the company.”

The recognition award winners are:

  • Friendship Community Award: Erin Layell, Director of Activities, Friendship Health Rehab South
  • Friendship Clinical Award: Reginald Dawson, Rehab Tech Team Supervisor, Friendship Health – Rehab North
  • Friendship Achievement Award: Jennifer Percell, Director of Hospital Admissions, Friendship Health – Rehab South
  • Friendship Leadership Award: Heather Belcher, Director of Nursing, Friendship Health – Rehab South

The Friendship Community Award was designed to recognize the extraordinary efforts of an individual who, in addition to making a significant positive impact in his or her department, provides significant volunteer work, personal time, and/or contributions to the betterment of our local community or represents themselves and Friendship in the community with distinction. Erin Layell, Director of Activities at Friendship Health Rehab South, works hard to involve the community around us to promote Friendship as a company that gives back. She recently headed up the American Heart Association Walk and encouraged everyone to participate. Layell is passionate about her role in the organization and what it means to the residents and community – bringing joy and happiness to our residents through activities that bring the community into the facility.

The Friendship Clinical Award is given to an individual who has made a significant positive clinical impact to his or her patients and residents, promoted and obtained higher quality standards, improved safety in the workplace, and demonstrated best practices. Reginald Dawson, Rehab Tech Team Supervisor at Friendship Health – Rehab North, takes pride in working with the residents to address a variety of needs, in addition to serving as the glue for other employees working in his department. Dawson has a high degree of competency with the clinical procedures within the entire facility and can be described as the morale booster, bringing cohesiveness to the team, and offering kindness to each and every resident.

The Friendship Achievement Award recognizes and honors an individual who has made a significant contribution to the success of Friendship. The award is given to an individual with multiple years of service to Friendship, who has made a significant impact for those served and is recognized by his or her manager or director and peers as being the best-of-the-best at their vocation. Jennifer Percell, Director of Hospital Admissions at Friendship Health – Rehab South, clearly takes pride in the performance of her duties for Friendship as evidenced by the amount of hours she puts in and the consistent positive attitude with which she performs her job. She is the star of teamwork, always willing to help out in other departments. Percell works hard to ensure our patients have the smoothest transition possible.

The Friendship Leadership Award recognizes and honors an individual for providing exemplary leadership consistent with the vision and mission of Friendship. The recipient positively engages those around them to promote quality of care and services, to improve resident experience and quality of life, to enhance resources and environment in support of our mission, and to communicate and educate by engaging partners and teammates, promoting successful strategies, and advocating for success of our goals. Focused on the success of Friendship, Heather Belcher, Director of Nursing at Friendship Health – Rehab South, is always positive, encouraging and willing to assist others. She is a wealth of knowledge and is able to share that with people from different backgrounds and between both Friendship Health and Rehab facilities. In addition, Belcher regularly communicates with her staff to let them know their progress and growth opportunities, and provides them with educational opportunities.

Friendship also recognized staff celebrating their 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th anniversary with the organization. These employees have helped Friendship provide excellence in service and compassion for those for which we provide care. Their talents and efforts already have helped us achieve excellence in many areas. Their dedication and commitment have been outstanding.

“Each one exemplified Friendship’s values and principles, having all played a part in making Friendship the organization it is today,” said Angela Hughes, Friendship Vice President of Human Resources and Compliance. “Each is an excellent representative of Friendship and we are very proud to have them on our team.”

Celebrating milestone anniversaries this year are the following:

  • Celebrating 15 years – Kim Novak, Shannon Radmacher, and Kevin Reed
  • Celebrating 20 years – Joyce A Brown, Martha E. Toliver, Willie Ayers, and Barbara Walker
  • Celebrating 25 years – Peggy N. Phillips, Catherine Boothe, Leonard Holy-Elk-Face
  • Celebrating 30 years – Beulah Gardener and Mark Cox
  • Celebrating 35 years – Margaret Sue Jennings and Teresa Ann Hosey

Friendship congratulates all award winners and those reaching a milestone anniversary in 2017.